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Data Analytics

for Accounting & Control

On using the Python ecosystem for Accounting and Control purposes

A message from Dr. Martijn Schoute

Our aim

The MSc of Accounting and Control at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is currently providing a new course on Data Analytics for Accounting and Control, of which I am the coordinator. The purpose of this course is to provide students an understanding of the current and potential future impact of data analytics on the practice of accounting and control, and to teach students to solve problems using structured programming by writing and evaluating basic scripts in the Python programming language.


This website aims to be a supporting website that offers several functionalities that are useful for the students following this course, but also for students that intend to follow this course in the future, as the materials on this website can be used to learn the Python coding skills that these students are expected to have at the beginning of the Data Analytics for Accounting and Control course.


In addition, this website may also be useful for students that have followed the Data Analytics for Accounting and Control course in the past, in order to keep up with developments, and of course for others, who will never follow this course but are interested in these topics.


The overall objective of this website is, therefore, to try to bring together information on, on the one hand, data analytics, and on the other hand, accounting and control.


- Dr. Martijn Schoute

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